A hard lesson to learn

Tweet 8K Shares With three years of college under my belt, I have learned my fair share of tough life lessons. As an incoming freshman, I did not think that there was way more to learn than academics. Boy, was I wrong. In order to make it in the real world, I believe that every college student needs to learn most of these lessons.

A hard lesson to learn

And two, who stole my crack pipe? Not, of course, in the traditional sense, but more in the sense that he had left Web real estate open and squatters siezed the opportunity to have some fun. In Marcha prankster launched the Twitter account peoriamayor, which has since been suspended, as an inside joke to share with friends.

Should Governments Trademark Twitter Hashtags? While Twitter impersonators generally just want to chide and parody celebrities, public figures and organizations, the mayor took the crudely crafted parody as a serious affront to his character.

He, with the help of the Peoria Police Department, fought back hard. In Aprilpolice raided the home of account A hard lesson to learn Jonathan Daniel. They seized computers and game systems, and took Daniel into custody under the assertion he was impersonating a public official — a crime in the state of Illinois.

Ardis defended his position and city action at a press conference in Junesaying that the Twitter profile was never clearly marked as a parody and was an attempt to impersonate and defame him. Despite the aggressive action on the part of the city, Daniel was never charged with a crime.

After more than a year of legal back and forth, the city settled the case on Wednesday, Sept. Documents posted Wednesday on the official Peoria Facebook page and city website state that the city was not admitting guilt in the suit against them, but rather trying to shield citizens from the costly melee that would have resulted from continued legal action.

The settlement will go before the city council for approval Tuesday evening. The attorney has seen his share of private-sector clients outraged by offensive online comments, and he said fighting back is not always the best route to take. What they need are good advisors to help them take a deep breath and see this in the bigger context.

By stepping into the public eye, Harris said they can almost certainly expect to draw the fire of outspoken critics.

A hard lesson to learn

This makes proving defamation more difficult than it might be for a private citizen. These are private claims. And in the case of the mayor of Peoria, he chose to use the connections he had as mayor to engage the police in this matter, and that is a mistake.

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Some of the more outspoken accounts feature the mayor with swastikas on his forehead, a Hitler-esque toothbrush mustache and even a depiction of Ardis as North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

In MayGovernment Technology reported on a newly instated Facebook feature that allows for public figures, governments and celebrities to officially verify their official accounts.

Twitter also offers account verification for government organizations and an option for those who feel they are being impersonated.

Missteps can cost you. Eyragon Eidam Web Editor Eyragon Eidam is the Web editor for Government Technology magazine, after previously serving as assistant news editor and covering such topics as legislation, social media and public safety. He can be reached at eeidam erepublic.Lesson Learn in a hard way.

The Hard Lesson Everyone Should Learn from Peoria, Ill.'s Twittergate Scandal

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Hard Lesson to Learn March 27, Up The Creek, Writing Leave a comment The sun shone brightly over the hill as I kicked the toe of my worn out shoe against a clod of dried up dirt. Even though I worked as an R.N. most of working life before retirement, I did not have that mentality of work perfectionism at our home on the other hand, my husband was a perfectionist just on the projects he was completing around our home and acreage.

By Mark Awad It was the type of day most of us pilots live for—low 20 degrees, severe-clear blue skies and not a breath of wind. After roughly a three-month hiatus, I was really looking forward a flight in our family’s CA Winjeel.

Flying with me that day was a friend who was at the time a Grad.

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