A london fete essay

For a long time, Britain was the most powerful country in the world and London, as its center, was considered an example of what progress and civilization should be. However, the people that lived there were subject to a very specific and narrow minded class system in which the wealthy were given all the authority and privilege while the less fortunate were afforded little opportunity to better themselves or their social standings. They were subject to the whims and opinions of a relatively small group of mostly white, protestant males. Any opinions or movement differing from what this elite group considered worthy and acceptable was quickly quashed.

A london fete essay

London is a theatre city. Off-West End theatre prospers mightily in the A london fete essay. Hollywood movie stars take pay cuts to see their names in lights over Shaftesbury Avenue or, indeed, at the Almeida. Yet the same stars also appear in films made in the capital.

Feature films, by contrast, are made to appeal to an audience at a particular time — which is not to say they cannot have longer-term appeal or, like the theatre, capture the essence of human experience. But the very fact that Hollywood is a multi-billion-dollar industry has long ensured that the mass audience for films has expected its entertainment to represent its own world, albeit in dramatised form.

As a result, some films capture the mood of a time or place. There are too many London films to consider more than a few representative examples: Historical fiction, even when made in a heavily stylised form, can still influence our impression of what London was like in or Interpretations of Charles Dickens novels have provided images of Victorian London that seep into wider consciousness.

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More seriously, a number of feature films set in London make it possible to experience the look and feel not only of the city in the past but also of contemporary public opinion.

Dearden made another film about race Sapphire, immediately after the Notting Hill riots and a more famous one about the persecution faced at the time by gay men Victim, These films were liberal in intent, but also beautifully shot to capture the damaged, noirish, foggy London of the time.

Like the Small World of Sammy Lee Ken Hughes,which was partly located in the East End, but mostly in Soho, these productions show cramped old London in transition from post-war austerity to the more liberated later sixties.

London in the mid-to-late s is heavily represented in film. Indeed, it is surprising how many s films examined the seedier edge of the 60s and early 70s. Rogue Trader James Dearden, returned to the same theme following the collapse of Barings Bank. At a dinner in the early s, the chairman of the bank captures the spirit of the age by drily observing: The social revolution of the late s, coupled with the Thatcherite market reforms of the s, began to have a substantive impact on the city.

The decade saw the release of comedy dramas such as Four Weddings and a Funeral Mike Newell,Sliding Doors Peter Howitt,and Notting Hill Roger Mitchell,which portray an increasingly global London, involving smart restaurants, Clerkenwell-type offices and glossy loft apartments.

A character describes a restorative justice programme to a sceptical listener by saying: By the end of the s, Boogie Woogie Duncan Ward, provided a glittering, post-Hogarth take on the Britpop and contemporary art excesses of the s.

Other films made in the late s and s examined a less affluent section of city life, while a number considered dystopian futures for London, reflecting fears about security and the environment.

There are other productions and, indeed, genres not discussed here.

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Ealing Studios films, Black British cinema, James Bond, gangster movies especially about the Krays and dozens of police procedural dramas have been revealing about the physical, social and economic development of London at different times since the s.

And they are in almost all cases now available on DVDs, so they can be viewed again and again. Its greatest stars can now only be seen on film or television. London in the cinema lives on, allowing us a form of time travel to a place with different worries, prejudices, pleasures and lifestyles.

Films are a powerful and accessible art form, on which London has left an indelible image on almost a century of output, allowing us to imagine the city and see it as others have done.REAL LIFE IN LONDON Project Gutenberg's Real Life In London, Volumes I.

and II., by Pierce Egan This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. A London Fete and The Badger Essay Compare the views of London presented in Blakes’ poem London and William Wordsworth’s poem Composed upon Westminster Bridge Essay Compare and Contrast the depiction of London in Wordsworth’s Upon Westminster Bridge and Blake’s London Essay.

A london fete essay

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