A story of the first customer

Run By Bob Gelms Everybody who reads has their favorite books. I know I do. Everybody who reads has their favorite genre.

A story of the first customer

A trail map for data analysis Analysis can be intense.

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Lots of data and metrics. Lots of tools and data sources.

A story of the first customer

Analysis can be time consuming and need excel gymnastics. Worst case, lots of time spent but no useful insights. Some of this is expected because doing analysis is like a detective finding clues. Marinate in the question or problem statement or goals Play with the raw data.

Play in the real world. Expect to clean the data … a lot Produce the headline stats - overall and for segments Put numbers in perspective - baselines, normalizing, comparables, changes, and trends Mock up charts that answers the question.

More on each topic below. So marinate in the question till it is fully understood. What outcomes does the business want?

Learnings first - for the busy :)

What is the O in OKR? What is the context of this question? What sub-questions can you ask? Asking the 5 Whys works here. What questions are a proxy to this question? Can this question be refined or reduced to an easier or different question?

What might a chart that is an answer to the question look like? See section 6 on Mock up charts below 2. Play with the raw data. Play with the raw data in the excel file.

A story of the first customer

Doing so gets you closer with the data and you can see all its beauty and its warts that could open up creative possibilities. What are the column headings? Which columns have category data, which have segments or dimensions, and which have metrics? Are columns independent or do some depend on or calculated from other columns?

What could make a row unique? Are there duplicate rows? How many rows in total? Any blank or empty values? What is the list of categorical values? Filter columns to get some idea of segments. This helps to get an idea of the size and order in the data.

Important - first make a copy, or add an additional column that hard codes the original order because there could be a clue in the original order.

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Get out of excel. And play in the real world.Watch video · Papa John's released its first new advertisement since its founder John Schnatter was ousted as chairman last month.

The video contains actual customer tweets that call out the pizza chain over. We call this Customer First. The essence of this initiative is a combined effort across multiple functions in our business to stay focused more than ever on our core audiences of merchants, consumers, and developers, their needs and desires.

This book caps off a lifetime of involvement with the hunter-gatherer people. Her first book, The Harmless People was from the eyes of a teenage Elizabeth Thomas.

I enjoyed both immensely, and these brought me to her mother's books, Kung of Nyae Nyae, and Nyae Nyae!Kung Beliefs and Rites.

Billionaire entrepreneur Mike Bloomberg shared a brilliant story about how he earned his first customer for his financial media and technology .

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Truly a sweet story, and all thanks to Zappos’ willingness to trust the people they hire. When Milk & Eggs Fly. If there was ever a customer service hall of fame, Ritz-Carlton would be one of the first inductees.

They base so much of their business on doing things for . The First Customer MISS HEPZIBAH PYNCHEON sat in the oaken elbow-chair, with her hands over her face, giving way to that heavy down-sinking of the heart which most persons have experienced, when the image of hope itself seems ponderously moulded of lead, on the eve of an enterprise at once.

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