Cross cultural issues in apple inc

Chinese workers threaten suicide

Cross cultural issues in apple inc

Inan internal audit that had been performed found that there was 11 factories that had used child labor. Over children were working for Apple, but 74 of the were working for the manufacturer Guangdong Real Faith Pingzhou Electronics.

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The children were given fake records by Shenzhen Quanshun Human Resources, a labor agency that had forced the families to sign fake identity documents "Apple Products Made Once Apple had found out about the child labor, they made the manufacturers pay expenses which included education fees for the children's families and also had turned in the labor agency to the local authorities "Apple Products Made Not only was there children working in factories, but in Indonesia there were children digging tin out in mud pits.

The tin material is used to create iPhones and the children were forced to go into the pits and dig while at the risk of getting buried in landslides caused by the walls being hosed off to get rid of the mud Edwards, Jim.

In Octoberthe company faced more allegations this time of unfair and unsafe working conditions for workers in Shanghai. The workers were also living in dorms that had mold covering the ceilings and bed bugs all around the room, with 14 workers living in each room "Despicable Conditions".

The Labor Watch collected some pay stubs from 76 workers and found that only 42 percent of the 76 workers had worked 60 hours or less, meaning that the rest were working excessive hours in order to make profit Kan, Michael.

Tim Cooks is affected by the controversy because the company is getting bad publicity which also makes him look bad, because it makes it look like he has not attempted to fix the problems.

Cross cultural issues in apple inc

The children and their families are tremendously affected by the controversy. The children are missing school and are not getting an education in order to put their bodies through strenuous, tiring, very long hours of work when they are not old enough to do so.

The children's families are affected because they are not able to spend time with their child and they were forced to sign fake working papers to allow the children to work. The employees are greatly affected by the controversy.

They are not being paid a decent wage which causes them to work excessive overtime hours, and they are working in unsafe conditions. They return to dorm rooms that are covered in mold, and have bed bugs roaming around the rooms.

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Each dorm room has 14 workers in it, so they are living in small, cramped up spaces. Individualism Milton Friedman's view of Individualism is "it is the aim and responsibility of businesses to maximize their profits" Salazar page He says that businesses should only worry maximizing profits for the owner and not waste them on non-important things like employee salaries, resources, and donating to charity.

An individualist would view this case as ethical. They would say Apple was ethical because they did not waste their profits on the employees or children and instead focused on maximizing the profits of the business. Unlike Friedman, Tibor Michan gives business owners more freedom, saying that owners should "determine whether they want to spend money and resources in ways that will detract from profits" Salazar page Since the owner decided to not spend too much money on worker salaries, an Individualist viewing the case through Mican's Individualism would still say that Apple is Ethical.

Utalitarianism Child labor in China for Apple Inc. In Utilitarianism, the only thing of value is happiness. Happiness is considered "pleasure and freedom from pain", and Utilitarians are concerned with the long-term costs and benefits of actions Salazar page A Utilitarian viewing this case would consider Apple unethical.

Apple caused tons of unhappiness, starting with the child labor.Going from the verge of bankruptcy to the most profitable company in its industry, in , Apple Inc. was said to be the “most valuable company in the world”. This “value” that made Apple Inc. what it is today can be directly attributed to its genius creator, founder, and previous CEO Steve Jobs.

In both these scenarios, Apple's slow and calculated response to crises seemed to address the issues effectively, although later than some critics would have liked. This case is about US-based consumer electronics company Apple, Inc's (Apple), known for its ability to come out with path-breaking products.

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Experts have associated the innovation at Apple with its corporate culture. The case discusses in detail the corporate culture at Apple. At Apple, the work culture was driven by a passion for new products with no end to challenges and opportunities.

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Apple Inc. is a multinational American technology company which sells consumer electronics that have been claimed by critics to combine stolen and/or purchased designs that it claims are its own original creations. Criticism of Apple includes unethical business practices such as anti-competitive behavior, rash litigation, and dubious tax tactics, their production methods involving the use of.

Apple says it is dedicated to the ethical sourcing of minerals, but the programme found evidence that tin from illegal mines could be entering its supply chain.

Apple employees say their mental health issues came from alleged hostile work environment