Death penalty fair just and moral essay

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Death penalty fair just and moral essay

Death penalty fair just and moral essay

English 1A Critique Assignment: What would you do? Would you sentence him to death or life imprisonment? What are the bases for your judgment? This issue is not as hypothetical as one might think. In fact, it is very similar to real life events, and final judgments in cases like this have spurred heated debates between proponents and opponents of capital punishment.

Prejean is a Catholic nun, and a strong opponent of the death penalty, who established a legal entity in Louisiana to represent death-row inmates in their trials.

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Even though not all of her points were convincing, Prejean effectively argues against the death penalty. First, she relates a series of episodes that depict tremendous pain suffered by convicts. Seventeen-year-old Willie Francis is one of her examples: After several volts of electricity were applied on him, Francis survived but just to be executed an hour later For one thing, many people do not care about how much the murderer suffers.

Moreover, no one knows exactly the level of pain and agony that the victims suffer in the hands of their aggressors, therefore one cannot fairly tell who suffers the most pain—the victim or the victimizer. Nevertheless, Prejean shows a high level of efficiency in presenting her argument. As a way of appealing to the emotions of her audience, Prejean starts her argument by relating the experience of a death-row inmate, Patrick Sonnier, whose story is as pitiful as that of his victims.

I will go to my grave feeling bad about those kids his victims …. Remember to always cite your source]. Indeed, she wins some amount of compassion for the death-row inmate from her audience, and this compassion allows the audience to give consideration to any further points she might bring out.

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But to prevent such a whimsical conclusion, Prejean cleverly chooses an approach that will hopefully allow her points to be put across. Obviously, putting her points across requires a mutual understanding between Prejean and her opposition, and this is exactly what she always strive to do.

Rather it shows respect for the stance of her opposition. But why would someone who condemns the vicious deed of a murderer not support the death penalty? This neutral point of view allows Prejean to state precisely why she condemns the death penalty.

Indeed she questions the morality of the death penalty as a just punishment for murder. If Prejean had not sought the common terms that exist between herself and her opposition, that they both condemn murder, she definitely would have been misunderstood to be a supporter of murderers, and disrespected.

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However, because she followed the right course, her stance is not only understood but she also gains respect from her opposition. Such a remark from her opposition shows that she deeply regards the ethics of others.

Yet to pursue her goal in convincing her audience that the death penalty should be abolished, Prejean has to do more that just appealing emotionally to her audience or gaining the respect of her opposition.

In addition to the financial cost, Prejean argues that society loses morally—the cost of losing one more person in death.

The biggest counter-argument of her opposition is that killing the murderer will prevent future crimes. And if killing the murderer does not prevent future crimes, then the reason for abolishing the death penalty gets even stronger.

Undeniably, then, one can conclude that Prejean was able to use statistical evidence to effectively present her argument. Some favor it while other oppose; but the underlying fact is that either our individual beliefs or the effects that the death penalty might have on us shape our different viewpoints regarding this issue.

Fair Punishment and the Death Penalty 94 federal attorneys have the power to submit a case to Janet Reno (Willing 3A). The Death Penalty: A Just Method of Punishment Essay Words | 9 Pages Using Democratic Deliberation to Resolve the Moral Disagreement on Capital Punishment (Death Penalty) Common American experience seems to suggest. The Death Penalty: Pro and Con. It is very difficult to know the exact moral status of the death penalty, though many see it to be a degrading, barbaric, and amoral. If not, this could bring into question not just the death penalty but all forms of sentencing whether it is capital punishment or not. New neurological research can now. The death penalty has always been one of the most hotly debated issues in the United States. As our country grows older and wiser, however, evidence clearly points to the fact that the death.

As for Prejean, her religious background probably motivated her stance against the death penalty; in any case, she effectively agues her stance against the death penalty and gives some solid reasons for its abolition.

Are we justice seekers or red-blooded villains? Are we respecters of moral rights or coddlers of murders? So the next time you are asked to state your opinion about the death penalty, give thought to who or what your answer will depict you to be.Throughout many years, capital punishment has been a debatable subject for skeptics from both perspectives.

While analyzing this paper, you will find evidence and supporting information that leads to only one conclusion; the death penalty deters crime, is just, moral, and fair to all parties.

Death penalty: is capital punishment morally justified? Death penalty: is capital punishment morally justified? The second question is moral. Even if the death penalty deterred crime more. INDEFENSIBLE Why the Death Penalty Needs to Die. The recent botched executions are just the tip of the iceberg.

The death penalty is and always has been a financial and moral disaster. One of the most controversial practices, not just in the US but all over the world, is capital punishment. Capital punishment – or the death penalty – is the idea that a criminal can be put to death for the crimes that he or she has committed.

The death penalty is a very sensitive topic which I would like to discuss. In my opinion taking someone’s life is very foul and my essay will be very blabs against the death penalty. Money, morality, and deterrence are the mall factors In which I disagree with the death penalty; unnecessary money Is being misused, causes conflicts amongst.

Contains twenty essays that provide opposing viewpoints on issues related to the death penalty, looking at the history of the debate, and discussing whether or not the death penalty is just, is applied fairly, and serves as a crime deterrent.

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