Market analysis of stratsim management simulations

Under represented segments within this industry are the Sports and Minivan vehicle classes, where Firm B and Firm C monopolize these segments respectively. The Economy, Luxury, Truck, and Utility vehicle classes all have two vehicles offerings each.

Market analysis of stratsim management simulations

The course is intended to: The course will be very useful for those students interested in pursuing careers in marketing, consulting and general management.

This course is integrative and interdisciplinary — it builds on the background that you have already established in the other Business classes.

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The focus here is on the development and implementation of both the tactical as well as the strategic aspects of marketing decisions. This course should help to: Enrich your understanding of various marketing concepts; and 2.

Sharpen your familiarity with the problems facing Multi-Product, Multi-Market organizations. Gain a better appreciation of the challenges inherent in developing and implementing New Product marketing decisions in a complex environment. Forecast sales of new technologies and likelihood of successful launch.

To achieve the objectives of this course, we will employ cases and a computer simulation as the pedagogical vehicles for learning by doing. This is an innovative course that can be a lot of fun.

However, the onus is on you and your group members to make sure that you get the most out of this unique class. You will have your own User ID and password. You will need to go to http: See section on Simulation Access below for more information 2. Contains a set of Business Cases.

Electronic Reserves Readings Packet. The MeXL software is critical for this course. Most students prefer to have to have their own copy for their machines at home.

The required Marketing Engineering Cases and Data are bundled in with the software in electronic format.

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Marketing Engineering has three components — cases, a reference book and the software. The reference book listed below is not very advanced but fairly useful for those who wish to study additional material. For still greater depth, see me for recommendations.

Principles of Marketing Engineering, by: In this class, you will have some responsibility, as in the real world, for evaluating the work of the other groups. The weights for the various criteria are as follows: Please choose your group members with care.

Groups once formed will not be changed. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure that all group work is equitably distributed. I will NOT arbitrate group conflict except in case of academic misconduct.

Market analysis of stratsim management simulations

Please remember, group members are at least partially responsible for grading their peers. These entries and exits are distracting for the presenting groups. If an early departure is absolutely necessary, please clear it with me at least one class period in advance.

You are expected to behave as professionals in everything from attire to speech. Please ensure that you have subscribed to this Listserv or have set the appropriate forwarding for emails.

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An important part of the course grade is the effectiveness of your individual participation in the class discussions. It impacts your learning and the affects the learning that other students could have obtained from your insights.

Consequently, missing class is strongly discouraged. This tends to result in weaker performance, missed learning, missed assignments and decreased class participation. However, I would rather have you attend than stand outside.

Consequently, grading on this aspect is on a non-linear scale. To this end, you are expected to read the assignments and cases ahead of time.What is the 'Monte Carlo Simulation' Monte Carlo simulations are used to model the probability of different outcomes in a process that cannot easily be predicted due to the intervention of random.

Engineering Analysis & Simulation in the Automotive Industry Emerging Standards & Practices. Date: April 28, | Troy, MI.

Market analysis of stratsim management simulations

Note: Only attendees of the NAFEMS seminar on "Engineering Analysis & Simulation in the Automotive Industry" will have access to the files July 28th, , access will be provided to all NAFEMS members. - Analysis of the Stock Market Simulation There are many risks that people take in their lives.

Yet, investing in the stock market is one of the riskiest things to do. All the money that has been saved over years, possibly saved over a lifetime, could all be lost in the blink of an eye. Marketing strategy is at the core of all decisions in the simulation.

Teams target consumer segments and B2B opportunities based on market attractiveness and core competencies, using advanced marketing research techniques such as conjoint analysis, perceptual mapping, and concept testing to identify their customers’ needs and interest.


StratSimMarketing is a comprehensive marketing strategy simulation based on the automobile industry that demonstrates the impact of marketing decisions on the other functional areas of the business. StratSimMarketing is designed for MBA, Executive Development, or advanced undergraduate courses in Marketing Strategy, providing a dynamic learning environment where customer needs evolve, new products are introduced, and the economy and context change.

Key part of success in the stratsim environment, Strategic Management