Shell strategy

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Shell strategy

Crop also applies to Outer Symlink Files. Unroll also applies to Outer Symlink Files, which means, that unroll causes the target of Outer Symlink Files to be copied to the destination location. It resembles Shell strategy 'hair of the elephant' pattern: Pull on a hair of an elephant, and get the whole elephant.

Advanced thoughts on Unrolling The picture above was just the simplest case, because Unroll does much more when it encounters complex situations.

Shell strategy

This kind of nesting can be much more complex: Once you digged yourself through the above picture, you got it. It is not simple I know, but it is necessary to properly unroll. File1 Symlink is also a outer symbolic link, but its target parent-directory Folder2 is not that lucky to get unrolled, so in the destination File1 Symlink is not a symbolic link any more, but a copy of the symbolic links' target.

Nested Reparse Points are also an interesting use case, which the algorithm has to tackle with: Hardlink siblings are found by matching the per NTFS volume uniqe file-id, but if more volumes are chained together it might happen that the same file-ids can be found on two different NTFS Shell strategy.

To address this all operations use the disk-id and the file-id to match hardlink siblings. Furthermore it is not allowed to have the disk-id 0xffff-ffff, because the algorithms use this as internal indicator of a FAT drive.

The Unroll option also allows to point multpile junctions to the same target location, which causes the algorithms to traverse the same items many times: At the first glance multiple traversation of items looks simple, but for files this means that multiple traversed files are the same in the destination and are hardlinked together.


So don't be confused when you see hardlinks, which have never ever been there before. The example in the above picture shows such a situation X: It is a valid Junction.

One could expect that the target is T: The Splice functionality is also useful, when mountpoints should be copied. In the above example Location1 and Location2 are copied to Destination.

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With LinkShell Extension this works as follows: In the above example all content from Location 1 and Location 2 and pskill.

Smart Move enables folders with junctions and symbolic links beneath to be renamed, and the junctions and symbolic links' targets are updated below that folder.

Without Smart Move renaming of such folders would end in dead junctions and symbolic links. With junctions or symbolic link directories it behaves as follows: Normal Folders The folder 'Folder 3' is a normal folder. It gets moved with its content straight forward.

The Smart Move functionality is integrated into Explorer seamlessly, so that you don't have to do anything special. Simply drag a folder in explorer to its destination location, or e.

But searching large amounts of files and folders takes time, so LSE will show a progress bar when searching takes longer than msec.

Smart Move creates relative symbolic links during the Smart Move operation. Clone Clones are copies of a folder tree from a source location recreated at the destination location, however the files within the new folder tree are Hardlinks or Symbolic Links to the respective files in the source folder tree.

A folder tree might also contain Junctions or Symbolic Links.

Shell strategy

Clones are created in the same way as e. Select a folder, click the Action button, choose Pick Link Source from the action menu HardLink and Symbolic Link Clones can also be created via Drag and Drop, select a folder and drag with the action button depressed to a destination folder.

When the action button is released open the Drop Here HardLink or Symbolic Link Clones are useful if you need to replicate a folder tree at a different location.

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The disk space required is minimal because the new structure consists entirely of NTFS directory entries with no real amount of actual data storage.

Hardlink Cloning can not replicate the folder structure from one disk volume to a different volume, because Hardlinks are limited to operation on a single volume.

LSE only issues its helper symlink. Smart Mirror is very similar to Smart Copy and not only copies but synchronises the folder Source to Destination: Smart Mirror copies if the timestamp of items in the Destination is different from the Source.

Delete files not anymore available in Source from Destination.Nov 19,  · Microsoft Azure Stack is an extension of Azure—bringing the agility and innovation of cloud computing to your on-premises environment and enabling the only hybrid cloud that allows you to build and deploy hybrid applications anywhere.

The operand, be it +,-,* etc., must be enclosed on either side by whitespace. Observe that the multiplication operand (*) has to be escaped to prevent the shell from interpreting it as the filename meta.

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