The 40 year anniversary of woodstock essay

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The 40 year anniversary of woodstock essay

He is not hard to spot: He resembles a reincarnated and even more rotund Jerry Garcia. He guides me over to The 40 year anniversary of woodstock essay waiting golf cart. I climb on board and, with Duke at the wheel, we trundle over the brow of the hill and into rock history.

A few minutes later, we are standing at Hippie Ground Zero, the spot where the Woodstock festival stage once stood. The hill that rises gradually away from us looks smaller than I had imagined, a fraction of the acreage of Glastonbury, say, but it was here, on the now legendary weekend of Augustthat an estimated quarter of a million young people gathered, with the same number spread out though the surrounding woods and all along the car-choked roads nearby.

On the second day of the festival, the traffic stretched back to the George Washington Bridge in New York City - two hours' drive and 90 miles away. Duke had travelled all the way from Texas with his best friend, arriving on the Thursday night to find more than 50, people already there.

The stage was still being built and the fence around the site was still being erected. People lay on the grass, stoned, watching and waiting, while road crews fuelled on Blue Sunshine LSD worked frantically through the night.

When it started to rain, the crowd retreated under the trees nearby; a portent of what was to come. When the Centre for the Arts opened last year, he landed every ageing hippie's dream gig.

The 40 year anniversary of woodstock essay

His title is "Site Interpreter", which means he's the official tour guide for the Woodstock festival theme park. Everything that was buried by the bulldozers: It's all in the earth, man, relics of another time.

Nearby, under a fluttering American flag, is a monument that looks like a tombstone for the hippie dream. In the centre of the field, a totem pole stands with the faces of three of the hippie fallen carved on it: Everything else about the landscape, though, is neat and well-tended, fenced in and fenced off.

There are paved car parks where tents once stood and you now have to pay to walk on the site of the world's most famous free festival.

Yesterday's mass utopian moment has become today's hippie-themed heritage site. There is something sad and sadly inevitable about the transformation but Duke is still flying the freak flag, still channelling the cosmic energy of that long gone moment. We stood right here and he looked up at the hill and said: The vibe is still here.

Fraught with organisational and logistical difficulties, dogged by bad weather and chronic shortages of food, water and toilets, it was first declared a financial disaster then a human one.

It took place a year after violent anti-war protests had rocked the Chicago Democratic convention and a week after the Manson Family murders in Los Angeles. You had Vietnam escalating and the Manson killings on prime-time news.

It was not a great time and it suddenly seemed a long way from '67 and the so-called Summer of Love. The New York State Police were taken by surprise by the sheer numbers and, by then, were too late to control it or stop it. That's a big reason why it worked as it did.

But you cannot just leave a vast sea of humanity to its own goodwill unless the people therein have the values of goodwill - and love, peace and togetherness - in the first place. Tim Kelly, a trim, middle-aged man who now runs his own roofing firm, has returned to the site for the first time since he came here as a year-old rock fan in The first thing he saw then was a bunch of guys pushing part of the security fence down and a huge crowd streaming through.

They hit the first note of Born on the Bayou on Saturday and this mass of humanity rose to their feet as one. It was just awesome. Me and my friends were blown away by that.

Re-incarnation of the Original from 1969

The power of rock'n'roll. It made the news first as a social phenomenon, the scale of which seemed almost unbelievable: To the New York Times, it was "an outrage" and an affront to American values of decency and duty.

The parents, concluded a mean-spirited editorial, were to blame. Then, when food and water ran out and the rains came, Woodstock made the news again as a disaster zone. The thing is, though, a lot of people were prepared for the rain. You don't hear so much about that.

I mean, we were hippies but practical ones.Jethro Tull at Leader Ian Anderson says skipping Woodstock was the best decision of his career The guy who made the flute a rock instrument reflects on his career Woodstock 50th Anniversary/5(52). From the mud-soaked frolics of Woodstock in August to the mayhem of Altamont in December, two landmark festivals 40 years ago encapsulated the best and worst of the hippie generation.

Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage. Woodstock Essay - Woodstock Woodstock Woodstock was a rock music festival that took place near Woodstock, New York in a town called Bethel.

The festival took place over three days, August 15, 16, and 17, Woodstock Memoir Marks 40th Anniversary There have always been two Woodstocks – the event and the myth. Woodstock the event consisted of lots of rain, little food, bad acid, and sometimes bad music.

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