The mystery of the mummys curse essay

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The mystery of the mummys curse essay

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I'm a big fan of Egyptology and studies of that ancient culture; that was one of the reasons why one of my all-time favorites of the Tom Baker era was Pyramids of Mars and why I love the film "Stargate," despite its obvious flaws.

Once I bought it, that's when everything went downhill. The first thing that struck me was the author of the book, Justin Richards, which hadn't caught me before I bought it. The last Missing Adventures book of his that I read, System ShockI detested -- not because of the story, which normally would have been excellent, but the execution.

Specifically, I didn't care for System 's pages and pages of exposition without so much as a line of dialogue in half a chapter's span.

I don't like a paragraph of "what happened on Friday" and then moving on to another, whole scenes of dialogue reduced to "The Doctor and Mr. Jones spoke about it and the Doctor The mystery of the mummys curse essay X, Y and Z. I was very much afraid that Richards would pull the same thing in Sands of Time.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that he hadn't, but once things got going I realized I was in for a new problem: Plotlines that take thirty separate pieces to put together before they tell a single strand of action are as fragile as the strand that holds them together; it takes a Great Talent to achieve it.

Agatha Christie is a perfect example of a writer with flawless execution; for example, in her excellent "Ten Little Indians," Christie put ten people on an island, picked them off one by one, and the killer turned out to be someone already presumed dead.

Not one to rest on coincidence, Christie then explained how the culprit had lived, what their motivations were, and how each and every person was killed from the shadows by showing us the pieces of the puzzle that were very much in front of us the first time around.

I've only seen this same sort of detail achieved once on television: Delenn's transformation happened exactly the same way. Only one Missing Adventures novelist so far at least the ones I've read; there are a couple I haven't, even though I own everything in Virgin's book series has pulled off the contrived plot with ease: Craig Hinton in his outstanding Crystal Bucephalus.

The mystery of the mummys curse essay

Hinton was able to tie in several strands that seemed to be completely unrelated and ended up with perhaps the single greatest example of technobabble that worked in every form of literature I've ever read.

It was all nonsense, but it was literal nonsense, and it worked. To give you an example of technobabble that does not work, tune into any episode of Star Trek: Now that I've pontificated half of this review away, let me get back to my argument: Richards' contrived plotline didn't work.

Nyssa's immediately kidnapped and spends the rest of the novel locked in a sarcophagus; this is the kind of thing that John Nathan-Turner did with his companions in early Davison episodes because stories were already written with two instead of three companions, hence Nyssa's spending most of Kinda asleep.

This time, around, it was for the sake of motivation on the Doctor and Tegan's part, as they then travel back in time to Egypt, then forward in time, all to unlock a mystery surrounding an ancient evil.

That ancient evil, it turns out, is related to Pyramids of Marswhich this book is noted as a sequel but in actuality only shares a theme with, that of the Osirans. Sutekh is gone, of course; Tom Baker destroyed him. Of course, that's when things go a little crazy; it turns out the plan needs two women, Nyssa and another girl, and somehow, a prologue chapter involving George and Ann Talbot-Cranleigh from Black Orchid all ties into it.

By this point, I was ready to put the book down. The ending wasn't really much of a payoff either; the whole point of Ann Talbot was really no more than a clever way of getting out of a storyline without suffering many consequences.

Nyssa is now two-thousand years older than everyone else around here she doesn't look a day over ! The supporting cast is quite a jumble as well, mostly because, other than a butler named Atkins who stays with the Doctor and Tegan, there are very few that make any sort of lasting impression.

Vanessa, a girl who becomes linked with Nyssa's fate toward the end of the book, is little more than a faceless name who we really don't care about in time when she falls victim to Nephthys' evil.The Mystery of "The Mummy's Curse" Joseph Shank Monique Baucham World Cultures 1 July 29, I will try and explain the “Mummy’s Curse,” which is a set of random unexplainable, unfortunate, and tragic events which happened to the people who were present at the opening of Tutankhamen’s tomb.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The Curse Of The Lost Mummies By Bill Warren, Fangoria, No , June Mick Garris: "The mummy itself is a suspended-animation creature from long ago and far .


Mummies Curse Essay Sample. Legend has it that anyone who dared to open the tomb would suffer the wrath of the mummy.

Mummies Curse Essay Sample. Legend has it that anyone who dared to open the tomb would suffer the wrath of the mummy. Because mummies have been associated with many magical powers throughout history, some of the mummies found from Egypt were ground into a fine powder and sold as mystical mummy powder. Carnarvon's death gave fuel to the idea that there was a curse associated with King Tut's tomb. Immortality Through Fame In all, it took Howard Carter and his colleagues ten years to document and clear out Tutankhamun's tomb. Specically, the fragile No big deal Area businesses shrug off large tax increase BRETT LE BLANC / DAILY COMMERCIAL Bennett Walling, owner of Palm Plaza, poses for a portrait at his shopping center in Leesburg on Friday.

Because mummies have been associated with many magical powers throughout history, some of the mummies found from Egypt were ground into a fine powder and sold as mystical mummy powder. Which poets wrote the most beautiful poems in the English language?

In one person's opinion, these are the most beautiful poems of all time the most beautiful poems ever written the utterly transcendent masterpieces A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Which is the most beautiful poem of.

The mystery of the mummys curse essay

Merrick here with a look at "The Talons of Weng-Chiang," a six part story which aired in and starred Tom Baker as The Doctor and Louise Jameson as companion Leela. This story was initially released on DVD back in - that set.

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